Roy- It’s a good movie, guys

I am not much of a film critic. I am perfectly capable of enjoying no-brainer Bollywood dramas as well. But I am going to write about Roy because it was a really different experience.

Firstly, unlike other films, I went to watch this one because I was curious to know why people disliked it so strongly. The trigger being this watchman who heard me talking about which movie I should to watch. Believe me, as soon as he heard the word ‘Roy‘ from my mouth he barged into our conversation, telling us not to go for it since it was ‘Bakwaas’. xD So I HAD to watch it, really.

Secondly, I have a habit of reading up the online reviews as soon as I watch a movie. All reviews of Roy have verbally stripped it of any respect the Director might have had for his own film while making it. From well-reputed RJs to anonymous Bloggers, they all made Roy sound like a serious version of Hamshakals!
But I, surprisingly, liked Roy. The movie REALLY appealed to me and I just felt like the Internet deserved a few good words in its favour.

I’m kidding. This is no social service, obviously.

A lot of people found the movie to be ‘dull’ and ‘slow’ and stretched like a second-hand rubber band. I clearly did not see it that way.

I agree the promotional techniques were aimed at Ranbir Kapoor when he wasn’t the protagonist and I think that was a very wrong and rather stupid publicity stunt. But it’s not like he wasn’t a part of the movie too. He played a good one-third if you ask me and he did it well.

The movie within a movie plot sounds REALLY cool but it was more than just that.

It was ,essentially, about how Arjun Rampal (scriptwriter and Director, I think) lives his life alongside using it as a plot. Through his storyline he, unknowingly, orchestrates the damage and the damage control of his life, both.

There’s a part in the movie where Jacqueline Fernandez ends their relationship after reading his script because it reveals too much of him. Things she couldn’t figure out in the weeks they spent together is lying right there, in between typewritten sheets of paper. (So they have shown him to be using the Typewriter even though he can afford a more-than-decent Computer. Big Deal. Aren’t all the kids on Instagram using typewriter, anyway?)
And if all that is not true then I don’t know what is.

The movie underlined the traditional image of a writer who stays aloof almost all the time and puts his life and the things he sees/experiences around him into words, pretty well.
It’s also kind of flat. (I thought 2 States was flat, too.) Almost like the heartbeat of a dead person but it sort of went well with the way every scene exaggerates, without really using words, the feelings of the character in the scene. Not for a second did I feel that the movie was being prolonged beyond its capacity BECAUSE I was so engrossed in analysing the characters.

But then again, that’s just me.

Also, one of the thoughts that came to my mind immediately after watching the movie was that “Hey, it almost felt like I was living a book!
Which is true. The detailing and setting and the slightly greyish atmosphere gave me the feeling of sitting in a book and living the words I’d normally just read.

It could have been better, don’t get me wrong. For example, the song ‘Chttiyaan Kalaiyaan’ was way out of place. Normally Bollywood movies do have a knack for making the main cast fall in love through the course of a song but this one just didn’t go with the pace of the movie. It felt forcibly fit in between the scenes. Personally, I loathe the song. But most people like it for the same reason I like Babydoll and that, according to me, is probably why the film-makers went for the song.
Nevertheless, for a Debutant Director, I found it impressive.

It wasn’t loud or melodramatic, which is what the public tends to enjoy. But it was one of a kind (or maybe there are much better movies like this one. I don’t really know), and I’d recommend everyone who has the capacity to apply brains while watching a movie to give it a try. It really isn’t confusing.

Maybe everyone should just ease up on the hate.


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