ForeverAwkward (And Maybe Learning)

I woke up today morning to my
Phone buzzing incessantly, and
I sighed, because it was going to
Be another day starting with a lot
Of anger, and implementation of
The monopoly we’ve created over
The concept of righteous outrage,
With people crying hoarse over
Issues, and others crying louder,
Claiming precedence by the virtue
Of their plight being apparently
Worse in comparison, and these
Realizations made me sigh yet
Again, because underneath the
Jokes, platitudes, and debates,
Lies a sense of helplessness, for
We live in a nation where a cow
Is given VIP security just because
Someone eons ago said that my
True mother is a bovine incarnate,
And yet, if someone were to beat
A woman he was married to, he’d
Get away, because a real mother’s
Safety isn’t a part of state mandate
And where the gender of whom I
Invite to my bed could possibly…

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