I taste cookies and cream,
My favourite mint chocolate chip
As my mouth lingers, comfortably,
On the surface of your lip.
Recklessly, I let my thoughts
Wander into the neighbourhood
Where the u-turns and driveways
Have been kept shut for good.
My mind isn’t in frenzy
It’s not in some lusty zone
It’s consumed with your existence
Even as you whisper into the phone.
I feel like I am thinking 
And I think you feel it too
That undoubted madness
Forevermore it feels new.
Keeping my thoughts aside
I can still feel us shiver
When up against our warmth
We look for linings silver.
I want to tell you this meeting
Opened up the box seal
That looked lifeless till you came
Along, opening for me to feel.
I wouldn’t call them wounds
Rather valleys of beauty
The ones that make me lose 
My way, because it’s too steep.
Your mouth is more than cookies,
It’s more than just the mint,
We‘re the lasting species of a love
Trying not to be extinct.

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