Not writing so-called ‘happy poems’ doesn’t make me sad. (A writer’s read)

I’ve more than often had to hear about how my “obsession” with “dark” or “depressing” stuff is weird. A lot of people have said to me that I am addicted to drama or that I look for reasons to be upset about things just so I can write about them. Or that I just am depressed. I knew it wasn’t the truth and it didn’t even offend me because I never quite understood it myself as well. I know that when people say such things they aren’t trying to put me down or be mean in any way. They’re just trying to understand and frankly, so am I.

 I think the only relatively subtle judgement I ever received on the heaviness of my words was when this woman, a friend of my father’s, said that I wasn’t sad but rather “SENSITIVE”. Now I know the word sensitive is open to subjectivity so I cannot use it to define my wholeness (besides every person is way too dynamic, writer or not, to be enclosed within the dictionary meaning of a single word but that’s a different blog post altogether). But I think she got it to a certain extent and I was just really glad; the fresh perspective filled me with an ethereal warmth I can’t really explain.

Well, what actually triggered this post is a lovely quote I came across today on tumblr- 

“Excessive brightness drove the poet into darkness.”
—Martin Heidegger

..also, since I liked it so much, I’m not going to dissect it with my overindulgent analysis, rather I’ll leave it to your imagination! 


7 thoughts on “Not writing so-called ‘happy poems’ doesn’t make me sad. (A writer’s read)

  1. Everyone finds different sources of inspiration, we all are unique in our likes and dislikes and what makes us more creative or passionate. I love drama and angst so I’m more drawn to that type of genre. I might be more sensitive or masochist if you will– that’s why I like feeling my heart rip when I’m reading, watching a movie or writing.
    In my younger years I wrote darker poems. Sad, not happy go lucky ones, and I don’t know if it was that I was more dramatic/depressed the state of my mind then, or just what worked for me. I have not written much in many years (poetry) and I still tend to pic those gut wrenching book/movies I still feel If ever I write anything it will be more tamed in the dark aspect, but I think my nostalgic flare will always remain in the essence of such piece.

    Keep doing what you do without minding what others think.

    • I guess so. But I’ve always felt compelled to try and understand why I (or anyone else for that matter) am attracted towards certain things and not towards the others.
      Have you watched the movie Detachment? It’s not exactly gut-wrenching but it’s really sad. You might like. 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by!

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