For most people it is Bad Weather and Good Weather.
For me? Not so much. I didn’t see why a bad weather was automatically passed off as a connotation for rain and dark skies. Dark skies didn’t always have to imply a gloomy weather. Sometimes it could mean liberation from a life of restraints or a reminder of old times. Or just Karma asking you to slow down.
Ask someone who had to start from scratch in pouring rain only to find betterment in that grace.
Watch the trees breathe back the life they had lost.
Feel the flush of relief and happiness on the face of someone who has had to pull through the longing.
When you are busy fearing the thunder, step back and hold your breath for a minute; try to look for the screams of the befuddled. Amidst that bedlam you just might be lucky enough to hear the screams that strike the sky like shooting stars carrying pain.
Rain can hide tears and sometimes that’s all the assurance one needs.

And if that doesn’t convince you, kiss someone in the rain only to have no such thing as Bad Weather anymore.


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