Life With a Tinge of Surprise


Picture Courtesy: Taniagraphy

At the age of four, when i learnt about yellow, green and blue, i began assigning them to the people i knew. That mean boy was yellow and my best friend was blue. And that boy down the street i wish i could get to know was my green.
But he was nowhere to be seen.

As time passed, i realised that people weren’t the lucid shades of colours i thought them to be. They were hues and tints of variegated pigments my imagination could not reach.

That mean boy now seemed more like a mellow red. We hung out most of the time; a majority of which i spent in awe.
My best friend was suddenly a wild shade of peach blossoms. i couldn’t help but adore the change i saw.
That boy down the street had become a nasty tinted gray.
And it was hard to believe that I’d ever even assigned him one of my favourite colours, so to say.

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