Rocky Road

It was past bed time
And we went out for a ride.
You said that we’d buy rocky road,
Because I was proud with nothing to hide.
And when we reached the store,
I jumped up and started to run
Tripping over a stonescratched knee!
Oh boy had I ruined the fun!
Tears rolled down my face
Courage trembled under my skin
You picked me up- wiped my face and
Said we’d been through things akin.
That I would fall time and again
But I need not always cry.
I must try to laugh and pretend,
Like I am not hurt and otherwise.
And mother, I have ever since
Been the sunshine of people’s lives
I bolster them with timely laughter
Never once have they seen me cry.
My broken feet, my blistered palms,
I fail to wince in physical pain
My fellows they carouse with me for
I brave the attacks of Mother Nature’s guns.
But that is only half the truth
And I am ashamed for I have to hide it from you.
I cry everyday and it’s still not enough
Sometimes within me I contain the world.
I cry because there are people out there
Crippling under the moonlight for some love
I cry because it’s life’s disdain
That’s winding people out of my life.
I cry because I can’t always help
I cry because it has become impossible to yelp.
I cried when he went through a thunderous storm
Mother, my avalanche was wiser and quieter and warm.
I cry because my hopes sometimes wilt,
And I am left alone to ruminate the deprivation,
And ceaseless guilt.
I cry like an animal for an animal would
Even when I know it’s not something I should.
I’m crying, today, for I put my love and my spirit
In something that was destined to die,
It called for me from afar and I didn’t neglect
I thought, how can a calling be answered with What and Why?
It was past bed time
And we went out for a ride.
You said that we’d buy rocky road,
Because I was proud
With absolutely nothing to hide.


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