The New Apple Emojis are NOT Racist

One of the cons of being born in this generation is the amount of exposure we are provided with alongside the limited knowledge we have or are interested in gaining. We know so much for our age but with little to no idea of how to make meaningful use of all that extra information not required to pass school examinations.
And I have pretty much thought about it all my life with absolutely no conclusions. It was actually really obvious because I would constantly feel like I know a lot yet the thought that it wasn’t right or complete always daunted me.

Now I haven’t really had any success yet but a recent occurrence in the techno-world got me thinking again.
(Cue for all iPhone users)

Every one is aware of the recent iOS update with the flood of new emojis, right? Now I’m no iPhone user but when you’re so wound up in the the social networking entrapment, it’s a little hard to keep your eyes closed.

Anyway, getting back to my topic.
The creators have tried to incorporate racial diversity in their new update by adding emojis in various other skin tones.
Sounds like a good thing, right? Except that’s not how people took it. I saw a lot of posts on my feed about how it is “racist AF” of them to include little cartoon faces in more than one skin tone.
Why? Because it’s somehow wrong and shameful to acknowledge the melanin difference in the bodies of people living in different parts of the world?
Obviously not. I don’t know if it’s right but it definitely isn’t wrong.
But people thought so anyway, and I won’t deny I did too. I pretty much assimilated what I saw without giving it any thought until of course I realised what I had done.

So many of us go around cracking jokes where if something is either black or white, it is racist.
If someone prefers a white car over a black one, he/she is being racist.
We say these things with the intention of innocent humour. But what we don’t realise is that humour can be tricky that way. Humour eventually starts playing with our subconscious; it starts laying the foundation for our thoughts to the extent that even when we know the truth, we might end up speaking differently just because our mind is used to a particular way of things. (Isn’t that why rape jokes should be avoided? But that’s matter for a different blog post altogether)

And, I believe, that’s exactly what happened. We’re familiar with the word ‘racism’ and our brain automatically connects it to the colours, it skips the discrimination aspect of it which forms the crux of the issue- leading us to crack jokes that sound pretty stupid and reactions that are futile.
I know because I have been a part of that crowd.

Do share your feedback!


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