Why the female sex is not necessarily the weaker one.

Here’s a thought I had and I felt compelled to share it with you guys. It’s obviously unproven but I’d love to hear your views!

I’ve always read and heard and been told about how men are stronger than women when it comes to physical strength. That it’s precisely the reason why men are always the first preference for any kind of fieldwork or for being a part of the army. That, genetically, women are the ‘weaker’ sex in the sense that if a female boxing champion were to fight a male boxing champion, the male might win, because on an average the male sex is more vigorously capable.

My argument is that, maybe, women are considered to be the physically weaker sex because they have never been promoted to explore their physical strength.
Here’s why:

It is said to have been scientifically proven that, on an average, men are physically stronger. Science includes genetics and the brain. Now, the brain is as capable as we are. Whatever the brain tells, the body does. Miracles have been witnessed; such is the power of the mind.

Since the beginning of recorded history, even during the times of hunter-gatherers (when the male brought home the meat.) the female sex was considered less physically able than the male. (Although, I can say this in light of today’s definitions only because back then it was very much accepted as an egalitarian principle.)
It is very much possible that this could have been the outcome of years of accumulated mentality in the minds of humans.

Since women have never been promoted to discover their physical strength, they never bothered looking for it themselves and the same practice was carried on generation after generation. Naturally, such non-progressive (in favour of the female sex) thinking will accumulate in the minds of both, men and women, and eventually will become a part of their inherited traits i.e. genetics.

Whereas, men have constantly been encouraged, pushed, and at times even forced, to discover and cultivate their physical strength by the society.

I believe that men and women have been given the same amount of muscles and bones in the body. It’s the way in which they channel their energy and make use of their body that truly determines their strength.
Everyone knows that women have high tolerance for pain. Then why is it so hard to believe that they aren’t the weaker sex.

Some might say that Mary Kom is just an exception to the rule and that women are naturally weaker.
But going by my theory, I’d say that Mary Kom was encouraged to discover and develop her physical strength which most women aren’t encouraged to do.

Just because something hasn’t happened doesn’t mean it isn’t true. But then again, science cannot be blamed for it’s based on hardcore evidence that my theory lacks.

Although, if we raised our generation differently, centuries later things could be different.


6 thoughts on “Why the female sex is not necessarily the weaker one.

  1. Dear Blogger,

    I fully agree with you & really appreciate your thoughts. Just want to add a very small but important point here. Working women works whole day in office, comes back at home, prepare the dinner, takes care of kids studies, sleep late at night, wakes up early in the morning, cooks the breakfast & lunch for husband and kids. Working men comes back from office & lie down on Sofa or bed. Even is Sat or Sun women work much more than men.

    • Hi Nitin! Yes, what you said is absolutely true. Working women are my ultimate source of inspiration.
      I really appreciate the positive response from your side! It’s quite rare. Thanks a lot for stopping by and sharing your thoughts 🙂

  2. Please hear me out. I don’t intend on taking away any inspiration working women have on you. But in just putting some thought here: what could be the reason women were considered ‘physically weak’ in the first place? I was just wondering about that when you mentioned hunters and gatherers.
    I think some people made up rumors about women being weak and they also made women believe it.

    What do you think?

    • Hi, yes, of course:D
      Actually, at that time the women were expected to stay and offer warmth and care to the child because they were the birth givers. In fact, it was considered very normal and the hunter-gatherers themselves never had any problem with it. It’s only now, in the light of gender inequality, that we can raise such an issue. 🙂

  3. Women are physically weaker on average. That’s just a biological fact. Women also outperform men academically globally (Google that to find the source). I think it’s better to acknowledge the differences between men and women while at the same time treating both equally.

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