Official goodbye


A little sappy rant.

It’s here. The time to leave has come. Can’t help but get all senti feely 🙈 mumbai has been just so good to me. I’ve learnt to become responsible, have fun, take risks, explore, try new things, found a love for meeting new people, wandered alone to places, given up habits that would otherwise die hard. I have forgiven, forgotten and found people and things in the past two years. Moreover, i’ve learnt to let go and embrace the spontaneity of life. (The importance of which i realised after i moved) I’ve grown wings i know will help me fly no matter where i go. I’ve befriended lovely people. And most of all, I’ve fallen in love with the city. I hear a lot about how it’s not possible to fall in love with a city in two years. But turns out it actually is. I owe a lot to this place for everything I’ve become lately. Also, idk how to shop anywhere else haha mumbai is home, for now💖
I know I’ll be coming back every once in a while but it’s never going to be the same. So here’s to another goodbye and a new college life :mrgreen:


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