I think I’ve noticed it a million times. You meet someone. Start spending time with them, getting acquainted with the things they truly enjoy. Glimpses into bits and pieces of a world unknown.
They’re all good at something, whether it’s art, photography, music, literature or pop culture. In fact, they know they are good. And that can be a rare sight, at times. You’re almost in love with the way they’re in love with themselves because you almost believe that they might just be.

But then one day, on the way to the next class or in the middle of a drifting conversation on the lunch table you hear them mention something they feel they’re not good at. They try. They try SO hard to make it sound casual. But the secret is already out.

You begin to notice the finesse in their vulnerability. How they’re trying so hard to sit on things that should be allowed to exist. How they’re only seeing themselves in the light of crevices that no one else can see.
And suddenly you don’t know who you feel more hurt for: yourself or them.


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