I should’ve noticed it
In the way that he talked,
Fell silent in mid-conversations,
He did not belong.
In the middle of a slow day
He’d drift along
I thought he was just shy
Oh, how I was wrong.
I asked him if crossroads
Is where he spent the day,
And would he mind if I
Just made an effort to stay.
He said- Life is too short
That I must go my way-
And I made a choice when
I should’ve chosen to stay.
Long after I’m gone
He’s still standing there
It’s not just a crossroad
I’m at a border- he says-
Scared of being pulled in
By the obscene lightness I see
But maybe if I enter
In the darkness I’ll be free.

I was speaking to a friend about this poem and what he thought of when he read the poem (which, by the way, was at the opposite end of what I was thinking of while writing it).
Nevertheless, it was absolutely fascinating to be reminded of how subjective poetry is. The fact that they’re open to interpretation in numerous possible ways gives poetry its beauty.

I’d love to get a peek into your mind and know what came to your mind when you read this. A person? Profession? Place? Stigma? Anything at all!

2 thoughts on “crossroad/border

  1. I think the way I see it is that there is this guy, a drifter if you may. He has always been on the road and that’s why he encounters so many decisions (cross-roads?). And it’s about his discovery of life and the connections others try to make with him. But I think the part that hit me the most was how he craved to be free from his own mind and how own habits and his eternal longing to just disappear. What’s your take on this?

    • wow! absolutely fascinating. this is why i love poetry 😀
      i believe i considered a kind of physical manifestation of an internal turmoil that has an end but the end is scarier than ever.

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