Being a poet can sometimes be a dangerous thing.

If you’re a poet, you’re more than familiar with the word ‘metaphor’. How it’s more than just a literary device. It’s a powerful tool capable of both, the best and the worst. In some twisted way it engulfs the indelible moments of your life that may be forgotten in memory.

But sometimes, you go overboard. You make a metaphor your home; you even go to the extent of creating a whole new life out of it. You refuse to share it; you get possessive and unhealthy and restless, all because of a meaning YOU attached to one or more word(s).

Worst case scenario – something that actually exists – a place, person, event automatically becomes a metaphor for your own shortcomings and fears. You start to dwell on it like a pathetic parasite that’s getting more comfortable with every passing day.

And that’s when you truly and wholly understand the power of a metaphor.


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