Actuality and Angst #1

I’m starting a kind of series called #ActualityAndAngst which will predominantly be free verse poetry loaded with obscure metaphors. It’s basically about understanding the angst within all of us and the actuality/reality of the same. In a way, it’s sort of an Actuality vs. Angst thing, too. It can be, at least. But I’m not so sure about that yet.
Anyway, keep sharing your thoughts and/or any thing that you’ve written and would like to share.
I will be captioning my posts and tagging them with the same name so it’s easy for you guys (and me, lol) to locate it.

(I might also share stuff that I read online (and love) and fits the aforementioned theme.)

Thanks! Here goes the first post!


You might want to hear
About his knee digging in
Between my thighs
As his hand hidden inside
My t-shirt searches
Up and down for the wings
Along the back of my spine.
I only know how to pull back
And push away with all my might
His hands pull away
Cringing with pain
Leaving behind a long bloody cut
Shaped like a drunken apology
For which I know I will blame him
For the rest of his life.



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