Dreams Collide

And how we pain and struggle
For what isn’t meant to be
In every third person, another
Soulmate we try to see.

Sparkles and glitter – watch!
They drizzle with so much angst
On a moonlit evening, meandering
With a mouthful of ash.

Agony – meant for the museum –
Is right underneath our feet
We’re trying to step over, but
Our minds are above the elite.

In a lost world where Pixies
Come over to say Goodbye
Making you feel like the stardust
In your palm can make you fly!

Hate for you – I thought
Was a prerogative of sorts
But there are no rightful owners
Once you’ve broken all the knots.

But flying may be for dreams
And fluff for fairytales
You’re just going to have to make it
Through the occasionally painful exhales.


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