pick out your favourite pair of pants
and go stand in front of the mirror
take a minute:
now forget about all those errands
and watch yourself snigger
at how good you think you are
the best out of the rarest lot
and how you’ll still be you
when you’re old and about to rot
oh, you must have fought
for a selfish cause
but hush,
just pause
try and watch yourself smile:
the curve of your lips
is the only one you need
the shine in those eyes
might resemble a little greed
of matter or maybe more
things that go beyond
your 5 feet existence control
now stroll
hop a little, drop to the floor
or just loll
tell yourself it’s not your fault
don’t remind yourself of those
little stretch marks and scars
oh dear,
don’t think of yourself as a farce
those breaths are truly scarce
and you’re yet to fill those memory jars
with the strangest beings
who might disagree with you
but will hug you nevertheless
on a bad day
when you’re crumbling under a hillock of stress
and remember to always dress
in what brings a sparkle to your eyes
what you’re unfolding
may not be the only miracle under the skies
in the long run it’s you
you’re going to be your best ally.


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