and we meet again


Time and again I’m going to come across
a hidden discomfort i thought I’d left behind
I’m going to find boxes
of ashes I’d buried into the night
Hidden dollar notes spelling jeopardy
and moments of flight
A little keychain that had
disappeared from my sight
And words inked from when it had felt beautifully right

In these moments, I’ll be pulled in
Sucked in by my faithful plight
Of blinding brightness and intense callings
From those antique lies that were always so white

Was i right?
I ask as if the answer rests at the bottom of my throat
It tells me – float!
You’re not to go down with the world
You’re not to piece together brokenness that is not yours to hold
Or run behind souls that are waiting to be sold
It tells me – remember
It’s all right to be cold
With things and people that
Are making it a little too hard to hold
Don’t take your glorious molten self to anyone’s goddamn mould
When you can incinerate them with the same fire
That has been waiting to unfold.


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