feelings and chill

sometimes it feels like I’m floating on the ground. it’s a little funny because how can i be floating on the ground? but it still feels like that. so i just lie there, staring up at the ceiling or my phone or a book and i let the arid feeling take over. there used to be a time when i’d call this ’emptiness’ but a lot has changed since then and i’ve realised that we’re never really empty. it’s just that a lot of us are used to feeling heavy because of all the baggage that we carry around and when that baggage gets lighter or a part of it disappears, we are forced to face something unfamiliar – the floating.

Sparkle 100%

i’m actually still getting used to this and as a symbol of progress i only recently replaced the word ‘nothingness’ with ‘floating’ because i don’t think that nothingness exists anymore. it’s just a lot of floating.

maybe i have clouds inside me, who knows?



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