I like it
When friends reunite
All blisters covered and paled
Under the slithering moonlight
Past and present intertwined
And fallacies resting at the
Back of their mind

They’d rather not

“Remember when over intricacies we fought?
Now your last laugh is all i seek
As it makes its way to the graveyard of memories
Your touch has procured an ambiguity
But your mouth still moves to the rythm of mine
As i carefully handpick the grandeur moments of my life”

“Oh you have a wife?
Is that right?
Looks like I’m the divorcee that’d rather ignite
A fire, only for its embers to survive
Let me whisk you away
When I’d rather whimper
For right now, my friend
You’ve brought warmth with you
And I’d like to share some of it
Because I’ve got nothing new”

I like it
When friends unite
Sweat and hardwork of years collide
Exuding afterthoughts that,
Unlike your life,
Will not disappear by the blink
Or make to your Facebook
After all, who the hell cares what you think?


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