one puffy
one black
little words of paranoia
that tell me no!
stop being so slow!
i ask, hello?
sneaking breaths
from under the pillow
till i muster the courage
to dignify myself
a self that’s purposely bereft
beaten down
lovechild of theft
as she meets kindness
at a party of ten
theft asks, when?
kindness smiles
theft confused
decides to yell
asks, when?
kindness smiles
but doesn’t tell
of acceptance
but theft looks like hell
oh well
theft wonders
what’s next?
theft passes on
a phone number
next morning
waiting for a text
that kindness never sends
is this how it ends?
one puffy?
one black?
and my name
on a cheque?
as i shiver
trying to prove
that i’m a wreck?


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