Toxic (Actuality and Angst #14)

I don’t react. I write poems and then forget about it.

Some people may be toxic
And you may never find out
Because they’ll look like lillies
And smell like chocolate
And pretend like little presents
Wrapped in expensive paper
They’ll whisper in your ears
Those 2 am conversations
About how they’re so giving
And you’ll fall for the magic
You see in their eyes
A passion that will sometimes
Glimmer and shine
And when they cry and complain
You’ll melt with compassion
And ask, why must someone have
To encounter such pain?
But remember, you’ve gone too far
When all you do is step into
Their stroppy, uncomfortable shoes
When all you do is let them not
Just walk but speak all over you
When all you do is breathe in venom
And the sympathy they arouse in you
When all you do is wonder how you can
Help if they refuse to untangle themselves
Remember, their toxicity is not the
Bargain you’re looking for
About time you step back
And not fall for these half-baked
Versions of apparent magic & allure.


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