//by the sea//

Always thought, imagined
The first time I sit by the sea
With a boy right next to me
The skies would be purple
And magic would set the mood
For all the philosophical
Conversations we were going to consume
I imagined myself staring afar
Away into some abstract magnificence
As he babbled on about himself
I hoped it’d be my moment
When I would make the final call.
But reality didn’t care about
Smoothening my ragged edges
Or chipped nails from all the clinging
She showed me – that night by the sea –
There isn’t much to this world
And that someone’s company
Could mean no one’s company too
That thoughts were meant to be played
Around with unless that makes you nauseous
That laughter is often an obligation you
Picked up somewhere along the way
That infatuations can be as real as
You may (or not) want them to be
And that the relevance of your love
Has much to do with the freedom
To your heart you’ve secretly sworn to give.


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