Christmas Stories

two singles that double to form one
and a festive shimmer telling you
that it’s okay to be silly and hum
that Christmas carol you had to
swallow forcefully in grade eight
when you believed too much in fate,
though it’s all turned out just fine
(despite the stars not being aligned.)
a swarm of human insects pushing
their way into your living room
as they smile, you think of time
you spent all day bending, buying
bottles of wine all alone, cooking
dishes you sought out of a tutorial
video – oh such a boon
to be able to understand the
unrelatedness of yourself and
the rest of the world.
it’s time for a red cap
atop my braggy head,
and a little ferroro rocher
i’ve been hiding under my bed
the entire month, in anticipation
of midnight, when
(i’ll forgive words for being
incapable of describing my joy
but i hope you remember to
smile with gratitudefor whatever
you’ve kept hidden inside.)
i chanced upon this date
when i was searching
for a frantic absence of
reality in my virtual planner,
i looked at it in wonder
and sighed, for a wish had
been granted for those back
home, i will fly to you tonight
so together we can hope
that tomorrow will not arrive.



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