​I didn’t want to be another condescending child 

But I swear you made me want to believe in changing my mind

I felt like the frozen ideas of love were melting 

And song riddles running rampant in my head were searching 

For words that could describe how immense I felt

Every time you asked for me or called me yourself 

I didn’t have the strength to write in simple words

“Oh, he’s cute, feels like I’m falling in a pot of mushy admiration”

And I didn’t have the courage to speak up 

Or ask you what you meant when you accidentally called me “love”

This road is too slippery and I’m walking really slow

But sometimes when I see you, my pace spirals out of control

When I’m running, I realise, my direction’s too wrong

You were never coming my way, maybe I waited too long?


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