NaPoWriMo 8/30

I’m back after skipping two days, please to forgive.

So I worked on Airplane Poetry Movement’s prompt for the day which  required me to use the last line of my favourite poem as the first line of the poem I want to write. I used Lady Lazarus by Sylvia Plath and even though it’s not actually my favourite poem, it’s the only one that came to my mind.

And I eat (other) men like air
Escaping the chimney
Of heartbreak,
In a neighbourhood I ruined
For the man I loved.
I burned down the
Archive of his passion
And placed a total of
f o u r t e e n
locks in the backyard
Where our words
Had met for a little
Rendezvous of sorts
It’s where I have now buried
My heart and left on the
Floor a drudgery of my thoughts
For other men to beseech
Then beg,
And once they’ve understood
Whatever’s left of me.


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