NaPoWriMo 12/30

Today’s prompt required me to use alliterations. I really enjoyed writing this one!

Friend, from you I’ve figured
How to read a million maps
Of the world without withholding
Myself more than i already do.

I’ve learnt to let them be
And speak only so much
As it be necessary
For it can be a better place
If only some of us sit silent
And decide to listen longingly
To most of what comes our way.

I’ve heard from you about
The crocodiles carelessly
Treading your insides
And as they unfold
Your unfazed self
Silences them once more.

And on my bothersome, boring days
You remind me of why
I shouldn’t myself belittle
Or bellow before those
Who are so little.

I’ve learnt to get attached
(Without the doubts that
Double day in and day out)
And find a friend to whom
I could holler till my
Words don’t last.

Often we stumbled,
Then stood up straight
To find ourselves
Straying on the same page.

I’m grateful for every
Time our eyes –
estranged in a world so bright
Found commonplace comfort
Before midnight.

I’m glad we crossed paths
Where we can constantly
Clamber out of sight
From this world so
Wicked, weary and vast.


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