NaPoWriMo 26/30

And though I’ve longed for people
Longer than what was foretold
I’ve never met one quite like you
You and all the disasters you sold


Stay away from reunions
And the need to question why
The universe seems to ignore
Your intuition about the falling sky


My heart I kicked in the gut
And pushed back for safekeeping
But then you came prancing
Knocking forcefully on doors
I should’ve told you were shut


You wrapped my arms around your neck
But was I choking you?
I ask
For every twenty-third second
You pushed me away
Like I was built of splinters
That you didn’t want inside your heart.


I wish distance cured the heart
Like it does familiarity
And then I’d be able to tell you
About our story in my head
Like it’s a comedy

– i am not in love i swear


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