So I came across a bookstore last week and I lost myself in it. I also romanticised it and wrote a poem!
But then I got home and realised I had no pretty pictures of the place so I went back again (only needed an excuse, obviously) to click a few and spend another hour just strolling and gazing at all the books and..


I stumbled across you
On a midsummer evening
When the sun inconspicuously
Trickled down my back
And you stood there
As if asking me to
Cut myself some slack.

I didn’t hear you then
But the surface of my skin
Caught your voice just in time
To lure me in, and hold me hostage,
I’d be willing, till the end of time.

I sauntered my way in
Unsure as always
Till I dropped my backpack
And sat
At the foothills of a giant treasury
Empty and welcoming home
A returning expat.

With a desire of sole possession
I wanted to hold you, keep you untouched,
Away from your aesthetic and beauty
That my darkness (a little) wished to extract

So I left before you could hold me
In your arms so generous, with gaps
Oozing warmth so that a wanderer
Would long to come back.

What I learnt
Was to trust the bookkeeper,
The only other person apart from
You and me,
For he gave me bookmarks two
In return for a little conversation,
A smile and a single paperback new.



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