Little Brother turns Sixteen

A handful of death stares and favours later
I’m glad that our humour still collides
Your sarcasm often goes unnoticed
And our conversations are like a bunch of unplanned asides,
And now that we’re older and louder
I like that in each other we confide
Tugging at strings of differences
In the end, returning home from a world of vice.

Together, stepping on puddles of paranoia
With self-doubt just hovering around
I can sometimes feel the bleakness
When you decide against making any sound,
I’ve watched you beat up other kids
And felt a bittersweet pang of pride
For there were times when I couldn’t
Save you, but trust me I tried.

We were born in two different households
Two different people navigating the world
But we’re pretty much the same person
With our hearts neatly resting
On the sleeves of our tattered shirts.


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